Wednesday, May 8, 2013

The Life and Times of Lady Believealot

An American writer friend and I spoke today about our favorite actor, Mr Brent Spiner who was featured previously on this page with a broken promise to update y'all on the disastrous results of my comments on the Chastity Bono situation and the Twitter attacks spawned by those comments ... I have scarcely surfaced here for the four years since that happened, as it is fair to say that the attacks on me as a person of faith since then have been stupendous, sometimes just plain stupid, and mostly not very erudite.

I have been cyberbullied. I have been called "f*cktard," "whackjob," "nutjob," "psycho," "you retarded woman" and any number of variants thereof, by parties who shall remain nameless for these purposes - for who would want to give them 15 seconds of fame? - on Twitter on account of being a person of faith. False claims have been made about my faith, some of which are so far out to lunch that they are not worth the trip to the Gamma Quadrant.

It has been said that I "believe [my]self to be" married, when in fact I know for a fact I have been divorced since 1991. I have the papers to prove it. It has been said that I am a "lunatic" - for reasons known only to those who spew forth lunacy by the bucketful as they milk and bilk the cow that jumped over the moon in their elaborate fantasies about me. A dear friend and associate has opined that "anybody else would be swinging from a bridge" if they were me. But, the thing is, they are not me. They are not qualified to be me. I told my friend I have no time just to hang around.

In their dreams they appear to wish to be me but, this makes no rational sense as they would be "dissing" themselves day and night if they were to turn into me, which one actually attempted to do by thieving my twitter handle. Nay, I kid thee not, dear reader. All this really happened. If only I had dreamed it and could wake up from the nightmare! Lao Tzu dreamed that he was a butterfly, only to wake up and to find that he was a butterfly dreaming he was Lao Tzu ...

I would be honored or flattered by all the attention, had it not been so dishonorable and unflattering. It is said in the scriptures that those who believe, will suffer persecution, but when it is not even clear to one's virulent detractors what one believes - for the fantasies around one's beliefs are so outlandish - it becomes a bit of a tall order to see the meaning of such meaningless persecution. If it is for the sake of Christ, then I would say Christ has better things to do ... such as planning his return perhaps, but I fear he might get cyberbullied if he does come back, so perhaps, if I am to try to find meaning in this, I can be said to be testing the waters for him and finding them hotter than Hades. If it is for the sake of God the Father, Allah a.k.a. Hashem: the Father is a busy God, and there again I would say if it made SENSE to me I would gladly suffer in behalf of the Lord our God, but as things stand, none of it makes any sense at all.

I decided to publish the riveting conversation I had with my friend on the topic of Hell and Hot Peppers, as it turned out to be all about the transhumanist/posthumanist movement, whereas it started with a simple question: does Mr Spiner like hot peppers? How we got from that question to an examination of the philosophical frameworks for scientific research, was a process so riveting that I felt it was worthy of an update on this blog.

With my friend's permission I am reproducing this little dialogue here very shortly for your reading pleasure, for those of you whose idea of a good time this might be, as it appears to have been for us. Its function, aside from entertainment for the unbelievers among us who would no doubt seek further proof of lunacy on the part of believers in it, is to entertain the faithful and of course to clarify once again, for those who would actually like to know, what I actually believe. The discourse is a bit too intricate to be followed by the f*cktard-sayers among us, so I have high hopes that they will not manage to get through the entire article, nor will they make head or tail of what I actually believe, so the persecution is bound to continue. Along with it persists the hope that the Lord has a reward for me and I can only hope He is reading this so that He sees I hope it is a pay cheque in the not too distant future, for the secular world pays poorly those whose work is a pure labor of love.

It can be said to be irresponsible to do this work when one knows not how one should be compensated for it. The purpose of doing this, as I said, is to be able to establish some of what I actually believe versus what I do not believe, and to addle the brains of brainless ninnies further, so that they will end up believing what they believed about me in the first place. It is called "belief perseverance" - a very common phenomenon, and it happens to the best of us, but to stupid people who are stupid by choice (wilfully obtuse) for the good and sufficient reason that they do not use their God-given brains for the purpose they were designed for (thought) it happens all the time.

Watch this space.

Coming Soon to a Hi-Resolution Color Monitor Near You: Hell and Hot Peppers!


  1. Annesu my old chess comrade from twitter! -It's Ch3ck2Ch3ck(Thomas). Good to see you back!

  2. So nice to see you Thomas! Yes, through deep shark-infested waters I have swum ... and lived to tell the tale. Lots more to come! Watch this space :)


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