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On Human History

When the world was created, Yeshua was with Hashem. The Word was with the Name. "The Word was with God" is what the Bible says, and we know that the Word is in that context a reference to the first spirit entity that existed in addition to the One Who Causes Becoming.

It is said that they worked together, that they consulted with each other on the foundations of creation as it were, and that they decided to create humankind "in [their] image." That is to say: even in our current mortal physical form, we resemble the spirit persons Yeshua and Hashem, or Jesus and Jehovah if you prefer. They are the concept models on which our own spiritual identities were built!

We are both sentient beings and potentially, spirit entities. We may perish in ignorance and without accepting or recognizing our origins as creatures of Hashem; however this is not to say that there is any kind of "eternal suffering" waiting for us, should this occur: such a notion is completely unBiblical, inimical to God, and bears no relation to the truth.

A break in communication occurred at the beginning of history between the Creator and the sentient beings who currently inhabit this earth. This is because our ancestors chose to sever their ties with Hashem the Creator, and to follow instead what they believed was a path to freedom. Self-government was what was offered to them by a spiritual deceiver who wanted to claim the authority of the Creator and, in so doing, to take for himself the right to govern this world. He was successful because our ancestors were unutterably foolish. He falsely promised us democracy, self-government, and a free-for-all in which we did not have to obey any of God's laws, but all of history has proven that this change of spiritual government was a disaster.

We do not need to see any more of this nonsense to know that we want to return voluntarily to the care and custody of our Heavenly Father. But how can we do this when our Father lives in the realm of the immortals where we cannot reach, while we have inherited mortality?

This deceiver, known as Satan the devil, was originally himself a spark of the original fire but in his case, unlike Yeshua who has always worked with Hashem, he thought to establish an independent sphere of influence outside of the authority of the Creator. Indeed he did not deny that Hashem was the Creator; he simply challenged the right of the Creator to be the sovereign ruler over the created things.

The Creator, as a safety measure, created sentient beings potentially mortal. This was done more by way of protection for vulnerable living creatures than for any other reason; there was no motive of vengeance on the part of Hashem when he devised mortality as an escape from potentially cumbersome circumstances. There is nothing more horrifying than a physical existence outside of the sphere of God's influence, for in such a realm anything would be possible, all safety measures would fail and unimaginable horror would be the result. Satan knew this and he challenged God's authority by tempting mankind to leave God's sphere of influence. He also challenged God himself by claiming that God had no right to stop him, that he knew a better way to rule over these creatures than God's way, and that if they were to follow him, God should let him take control over their destiny because to do otherwise would be undemocratic, authoritarian, unfair.

God allowed the historic temptation - or opportunity, if you wish - for mankind to consider self-rulership independent of his direct control, to occur because he is an absolutely fair God. A hypothesis had been postulated by Satan - who is also sometimes known as The Accuser - which may or may not have contained some validity, and it had a right to be tested even as our ancestors had a right to choose. Hashem found the idea of imposing his own rulership upon people and enslaving them against their will, profoundly abhorrent. He actually agreed that they should be free to choose, but he certainly hoped that they would voluntarily choose to obey him. And so it came about that our ancestors chose to succumb to temptation rather than to obey the clear directives which had been given to them by their Creator, and in so doing, endangered all of us by dragging us into the wrong sphere of spiritual influence. That is the source of all the endless war and troubles of our human history. There is only one way to repair our broken world, and that is by returning to the original divine order of things that God had presented us with in the first place.

We now reject the authority of the impostor, and we reclaim the right to obey the legitimate ruler of this world, the sovereign Lord Jehovah our God, Hashem of Israel.

This is where the role of the Messiah is indispensable. After the ancestors disobeyed God, the built-in failsafe of mortality was released like a proverbial trap door by which to capture the forces of chaos. Only one spiritual identity had the power to open that trap door and to rescue those who were trapped behind it: the flawless one, the blameless, he who had chosen the love of Hashem over any other form of power or authority or spiritual independence.

Messiah would adopt mortal form and travel through the barriers of physical existence and of mortality, to the nether reaches of Sheol, mankind's common grave, and back to the exalted realm of his Father. In so doing, he would earn the authority to bear the keys to that proverbial trap door, so that he can unlock it and save those who want to come out and be with God once more.

This perilous journey is reminiscent of the "quest" theme that can be found in many mythological tales, but I believe that those tales were structured in this particular way because of a universal expectation in the hearts of humans that this rescue would happen in fact.

What is the alternative to accepting the ransom sacrifice? Well, it is to continue unchanged and to perish eventually. I have to stress once again that the part about the eternal suffering of human souls is absolute nonsense. It is unBiblical albeit church-sanctioned, unsubstantiated dogma that is rooted in a misunderstanding of a mistranslation of parts of the Bible that have been put to copious misuse, in order to undermine people's faith and to "prove" what a mean, authoritarian, nasty and unfair God it is that we are rejecting, and to bolster our resolve to continue rejecting that God. It is a slander against Jehovah to say that he would put us in that kind of "hell."

The whole object of the ransom is to liberate us from any potential hellish existence (such as the one we presently endure under this system of things) and even from our inherited mortal state. If we continue in a physical realm that exists outside God's influence, unimaginable horror is potentially possible. God would not in fact permit such a realm to exist, although humans are trying quite hard to turn the earth realm, our beautiful home, into such a hell! Some of them want to be robots it would seem, they want to be governed by microchips, and they want to exist without dying? "I am cyborg and mortality is obsolete" is the rallying cry of the transhumanist movement. Would they consider removing from human existence perhaps even the option of dying, should their technological dreams come true and should they somehow find a way to make death "obsolete"? That would be the closest contemporary approximation of the traditional (pagan) notion of hell - a place of indefinite, everlasting suffering! - that I have ever heard of, and I for one want no part of such an existence.

Every environmentalist knows what is possible with today's technology, and it truly is frightening. Death is the least of our worries when we have to consider possibilities such as self-replicating nanotechnology running amok and literally turning everything to some kind of primordial "goo," uncontained nuclear devices being put to misuse by opposing political forces, or any number of apocalyptic doomsday scenarios that unfortunately have become very possible due to the untrammelled development of technologies that exist, no longer in the realm of science fiction, but in reality today. A mere untimely demise by comparison would be an absolute mercy considering some of the things that we ourselves have made possible and that might happen to our world as a result of our own activities, and that is why I characterize mortality as a "failsafe device" in creation. It is not even Sheol that we need to worry about, for Sheol is a comparatively safe place, a place of non-consciousness! Hashem is a decent and kind-hearted God who would never, ever in a million years subject anything in his creation, no matter how rebellious or deserving of punishment, to anything as appalling as drawn-out torture on purpose. It is living under Satanic rulership, by contrast, that would bother me. It is not difficult to see the possibilities for a tremendous amount of political manoeuvering, based upon the notion of a scientific conquest of the failsafe device of mortality.

Let me spell it out further. I do not trust humanity with my life. I trust Jehovah God to the end of recorded time, for with Him I am always safe. He will never allow me to perish, even if my physical form is destroyed, for he was my Creator in the first place and He can, if He so chooses, reassemble my molecules at any point on the space-time continuum. He created the heavens and the earth and all the stars and the planets in them; how would it not be possible for Hashem to recall my form, to call the atoms, protons and electrons that constituted me, by name even, and to put me back together again even if I am broken into a million pieces?

And if He chooses not to ressurrect, or "reassemble" me (for the mechanically minded among us), then that is perfectly acceptable to me too, because then I would not be conscious and I would not know the difference and it would not matter to me! For the dead, the Bible says are not conscious of anything at all, and that is the truth of the matter. There is no bogeyman in hell who can torture me forever. However, there are plenty of would-be bogeymen on earth, and I am worried about the things they might do, particularly if my body were to acquire any semblance of "immortality" under this dreadful present system of things!

Therefore the last thing we want, is for medical science to "crack the code" and "cure" death. We want nothing to do with such a possibility, and our loving Creator will permit no such thing to occur ever in the history of this world.

To perish is purely and simply to cease to be conscious, to cease to contribute our individual perception to the multitude of perceptions and to cease, consequently, to exist - and this is quite certainly what will happen to all sentient beings and spirit entities who consciously and deliberately choose to disassociate themselves permanently from their lifegiving Source. We may choose this and in a sense if we do, there is no damage done; the loss is ours, but the freedom to choose is perfectly fair. We may on the other hand acquire the permanent qualities of Yeshua and Hashem by reclaiming our association with them. That is why we possess a universal sense of right and wrong regardless of our religious beliefs, and a universal conscience and an intuition of what we should and should not do, even when we are wholly ignorant of the teachings of the Bible.

I will tell you more about Yeshua and Hashem later. I am doing this because of my love for them and because I am tired of the misunderstandings and the half-truths and the groundless accusations of injustice that are routinely levelled at our Creator by millions of arrogant, ill-informed and sometimes even well-meaning humans. The truth wants to be told in simple, plain English for all with a mind to acquire understanding, to be able to see.

My purpose is clarification, so if you have questions, please do absolutely post them here and I will do my best to share such knowledge as I may possess, and if I do not have the knowledge, to consult with authoritative and trustworthy sources.


  1. Annesu , maybe you will touch on the issue and the effective mechanisms of The Holy Spirit, as part of the Trinity of God , later on in this thought provoking manuscript via this Blog ?

    Nadat Jesus terug is na Sy en ons Vader is die Heilige Gees (in ons) mos al waarmee Hy ons gelos het tot Hy weer sal kom ?

  2. On the entities of heaven and hell :

    Hell is a spiritual realm worse that the worst devilish scenario that we do find presently on this earth .

    Heaven will be the 'place' where bliss and love and peace will be encountered for evermore where the face of God will be reveiled to His chosen children .

  3. sometimes the devil , in all of its many disguises , play such a prominent roll in our everyday lives , so as to cause the Holy Spirit of God to struggle to occupy our souls completely .


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